Argon, Neon, Elektron

Argon, Neon, Elektron

The 4-5-storey hybrid buildings for flexible design options and countless usage variants.

At a glance

  • Divisible from 800 – 1,400 sqm
  • Total space (GFA):  approx. 42,000 sqm
  • Ceiling heights of 8 m on the ground floor with the option to create an additional mezzanine level
  • Ceiling heights of 4.5 m on the upper floors
  • Two large freight elevators serve the upper floors
  • Up to 9 HGV loading ramps on the ground floor
  • Oversized vertical shafts in preparation for high variability of use
Argon, Neon, Elektron schematisch dargestellt

Floor areas

4-5-storey hybrid building

Floor areas:

Argon 16,600 sqm
Neon 17,500 sqm
Elektron 7,600 sqm

Smallest units:

Argon 1,420 sqm
Neon 1,160 sqm
Elektron 800 sqm
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Accessed via the central square next to the Dannerhalle, the entrances to Elektron, Argon and Neon couldn’t be better placed. There is even an evocative open staircase providing access to the various rental units on the upper floors. Users can also use the access level on the second floor, which provides a high quality of stay and separate access to the individual units. The outdoor areas are enhanced by numerous loggias on the upper floors.

In order to ensure optimal access, heavy goods traffic is separated from pedestrian traffic and enters the site via Motardstraße, which runs around the outside of the buildings. Up to 9 HGV loading ramps per building created the ideal conditions for logistics, storage and production space.

With 8.0-metre ceilings on the ground floor, there is plenty of scope for the installation of a flexible mezzanine floor. The upper floors are served by several freight elevators and offer countless usage options thanks to ceiling heights of 4.2 metres. This provides the flexibility to accommodate even intensive media services equipment under suspended ceilings, a prerequisite for high-tech and innovative laboratory uses as well as for research and development.

Argon, Neon, Elektron Collage

From Tradition to New

New Construction (GFA):
> 61,000 sqm

Existing Buildings (GFA):
> 19,000 sqm

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